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Entretech is a non-profit organization dedicated to fostering entrepreneurship, innovation, and economic growth in Pakistan. Since its inception, https:// has been at the forefront of promoting a culture of innovation and entrepreneurship, providing a platform for startups, entrepreneurs, and innovators to thrive.
Mission and Objectives
EntreTech’s mission is to create a vibrant entrepreneurial ecosystem in Pakistan, where innovators and entrepreneurs can access resources, support, and opportunities to succeed. The organization’s objectives include:
  • Providing training, mentorship, and resources to entrepreneurs and startups
  • Fostering innovation and R&D in various industries
  • Facilitating access to funding and investment opportunities
  • Creating a network of entrepreneurs, investors, and industry experts
  • Promoting a culture of entrepreneurship and innovation in Pakistan
Programs and Initiatives
EntreTech offers a range of programs and initiatives to support entrepreneurs and startups at various stages of their journey. Some of these programs include:
  • Entrepreneurship Training Programs: EntreTech offers comprehensive training programs for entrepreneurs, covering topics such as business planning, marketing, and fundraising.
  • Mentorship Programs: EntreTech connects entrepreneurs with experienced mentors who provide guidance, support, and industry expertise.
  • Incubation and Acceleration Programs: EntreTech offers incubation and acceleration programs for startups, providing access to resources, funding, and networking opportunities.
  • Industry-specific Initiatives: EntreTech has launched initiatives focused on specific industries, such as agriculture, healthcare, and technology, to promote innovation and entrepreneurship in these sectors.
Impact and Success Stories
EntreTech has made a significant impact in Pakistan’s entrepreneurial ecosystem, with numerous success stories to its credit. Some of the notable achievements include:
  • Startups Supported: EntreTech has supported over 500 startups, providing training, mentorship, and resources to help them grow and succeed.
  • Funding Secured: EntreTech has helped startups secure funding worth millions of rupees, enabling them to scale and expand their operations.
  • Jobs Created: EntreTech’s initiatives have led to the creation of thousands of jobs, contributing to Pakistan’s economic growth and development.
Partnerships and Collaborations
EntreTech collaborates with various organizations, including government agencies, corporations, and international partners, to further its mission. Some of the notable partnerships include:
  • Government of Pakistan: EntreTech works closely with the Government of Pakistan to promote entrepreneurship and innovation in the country.
  • International Organizations: EntreTech partners with international organizations, such as the World Bank and the Asian Development Bank, to access global expertise and resources.
  • Corporate Partners: EntreTech collaborates with leading corporations in Pakistan to provide resources, mentorship, and funding to entrepreneurs and startups.
EntreTech is a pioneering organization in Pakistan’s entrepreneurial ecosystem, dedicated to promoting innovation, entrepreneurship, and economic growth. Through its programs, initiatives, and partnerships, EntreTech has made a significant impact in the country, supporting hundreds of startups and entrepreneurs. As Pakistan continues to grow and develop, EntreTech remains committed to empowering entrepreneurship and innovation, shaping the country’s future and creating a better tomorrow for all.

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